Festus Main gone viral

What does it take for a small business to get noticed these days? A good idea and a viral post. One might question whether pickles and ice cream go together but you can be the judge at Pine Mountain Country Mercantile and Coffee House in Festus with their new “Pickle Split.”

Kevin and Tiffany trying the Pickle Split at Pine Mountain Country Mercantile and Coffee House.

The idea exploded and went viral after the Today Show caught wind of it and featured it on their show. I personally have not had the chance to try it but the creators say no one has failed to finish one yet. The strange combination appears to be catching on everywhere. It’s possible Ellen got the idea for this bit from the Pine Mountain Country’s “Pickle Split.” Who knows!

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Then there’s Gloria – the new theme song for the St. Louis Blues Hockey Team. I don’t know… you may have heard the song before. The Vinty Beauty Bar on Festus Main Street made a tribute video to the Blues featuring Gloria. The video was a hit. It was played on FOX 2 News and had over 24,000+ views as of when I published this post. You can watch it on Facebook. It’s pretty great!

Festus Main is one of the last remaining double sided main streets in the state of Missouri. For that reason, keeping it alive is a top priority for local business owners.

Some could say the modern era of Festus Main started in 2014 when the Foster’s announced the opening of a brewery. Since then, a new group of folks started taking an interest in the importance of Main Street.

Now we have the Historic Tanglefoot Association working to revive the old part of town. We have local people willing to start their businesses here like The Corner Cup Micro Bakery.

The resurgence of Festus Main is a wonderful sight to see. Let’s continue to applaud the efforts of those who want to keep it going.